Wauchope Winter Wonderland; 30 June Market

June 30th marks the Winter Wonderland Market in the Four Seasons Markets Series! Rug up in some winter woolies and your favourite beanie and join us at Bain Park Wauchope to explore the markets with hot cuppa in hand.

Four Seasons, Four Markets!

Fifth Saturdays come around four times in 2018 and we are embracing the seasons as the themes for the Four Seasons Markets held in Wauchope NSW. The Market dates are: 31 March, 30 June, 29 September and 29 December 2018!

Autumn Moments Image Competition

Enter your photograph or graphic design in the Autumn Moments Digital Image Competition. It closes on the final day of Autumn this year; May 30th 2018. All images will be posted online for public voting and will be judged. Judging will be placed on the following criteria; reflecting the best “moments” of the Wauchope and…

Why March 31st ?

What a fabulous day Saturday 31st March 2018 is! There are plenty of reasons the 31st March is the perfect day to celebrate an Autumn Fiesta; It’s a 5th Saturday Not only is it a Saturday (which nearly all of us can appreciate!), but it is the 5th Saturday of the month. The fifth Saturday only…